About Us

Regan and Associates Architects is a Dublin based firm offering Professional services in Architecture and Urban design. In practice since 1997 the firm has planned and designed a wide variety of Residential projects including;Mixed Use Development,Commercial ,leisure , residential, Custom Built houses, re-modeling and  residential extensions to existing properties and a variety of holiday homes.( see “extensions” for more detailed information on domestic alterations)
In addition we have undertaken a variety of other building types including office, retail and healthcare projects.

Design Philosophy

1277715460pic1The firm is committed to Sustainable Environmentally sensitive Architectural Solutions. We believe in creating urban environments that are functional, beautifull and encourage  the  maximum degree of  social interaction. We create low rise high density urban  developments with integrated uses.  The company encourages client Participation throughout the course of the Design Process to create buildings that are responsive to their uses and fit comfortably within their community.
Regan and Associates also provides high quality conceptual  Architectural drawings  and Illustrations  which help in the design development process  and have  had  many drawings published in the  U.S. industry magazine” Architecture in Perspective.”
Eamon is also a member of the American Society of Architectural Illustrators A.S A.I.
Regan and Associates particapates in the  annual “Simon Open Door” and was selected to exibit at the House for the 21st Century  exibition at the Centre Pier building in Galway. A residential project case study completed by Regan and Associates  described  in  Spring 2013 edition of Self build and Improve magazine.