Urban Design

Proposal for Renovation of Dundrum Village & Proposed Market Square

Urban design is an inter-disciplinary field that utilizes elements of many built environment professions, including landscape architecture, urban planning, architecture, civil engineering and municipal engineering. It is common for professionals in all these disciplines to practice urban design.

Regan and Associates Architects provides design services in the area of Urban design/ Planning.We conduct our  design  in accordance with the following  key principles;

  • The maximum Integration of functions  where possible   contributing to lively, mixed use developments.
  • The use of low rise high density development , as opposed to high rise high density or low rise low density development.
  • The provision of a hierarchy of  well designed  public open spaces .
  • The re- instatement of the” public street “and the public realm   where possible.
  • The maximum promotion of social interaction through good design.
  • The provision of  well designed  public transport / bicycle paths / pedestrian routes etc.  in addition to moderate provision of space for  vehicular traffic.
  • The provision of  well designed intgrated  social  and private housing
  • The provision of a high level of acessable  collective and social facilities for the enjoyment of all.
  • The preservation of natural resources  and a clear seperation between urban and rural space.
  • The provision of sustainable green development .